Health Benefits Of Bicycle

It is a known fact that being fit and healthy comes when you are physically active while maintaining a good diet and body management. Being physically active can shield our body from diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, mental illness, obesity, arthritis and even cancer. One of the ways in which you can be physically active is riding a bicycle and hence, riding bicycles can prevent the diseases mentioned above.

Riding bicycle, known mostly as cycling, is a low-impact and healthy exercise that cut across humans of all ages, from very young children to older adults. Not only is it healthy, but it is also fun, entertaining, affordable and eco-friendly.

 While cycling can be a great means of having fun, it can be seen from the points above that cycling is a multi-fulfilling sport.

As a means of combing regular exercise with regular daily routines, most people work out by riding bicycles to work. It is a most time-efficient means of exercising. What then, are the other health benefits of cycling.

  • Cycling increases cardiovascular fitness:

The WHO recommends that in a week, adults between the ages of 18 – 64 should take part in at least 150minutes of physical activities. Cycling for twenty-five minutes in a day would help to meet this target. Regular cycling stimulates and improves the lungs, hearts and blood circulation and thus reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Cycling increases muscle and bones strength and flexibility:

cycling is a great cardio exercise for people, and it also helps to build stamina by increasing the strength of our muscles and bones.

  • Cycling improves joint mobility:

unlike all other gym work out exercises, cycling is a low impact exercise that goes soft on the joints. It does not put the rider to the risk of sprains and injuries that are caused by joint overuse. This is why cycling may be suitable for adults with arthritic joints.

  • Cycling decreases stress level:

when you are feeling stressed, it is advisable to cycle as cycling is a good stress relieving exercise. It works more on stress if it is practiced in environments such as the park or a road that is free of traffic.

  • Cycling control body weight:

Cycling helps us to decrease body fats by helping us to burn calories. By virtues of helping us to burn calories, cycling keeps our weight in check.

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